What Good Is Search Engine Optimization and Why Do You Need Backlinks?


Why Is Search Engine Optimization So Vital To Web Success?

Bluntly speaking, without proper use of search engine optimization there is every chance your blog or web site will wither and die long before anyone can find it. Those keywords you so carefully work into a document are what the search engine looks for, and without them you may as well not exist as far as the internet is concerned. Competition for consumer interest is tough and you need every edge you can get to move your site to the top of the page. Billions search the net every month and if you want them to find your site search engine optimization and backlinks couldn’t be more important.

Another very important thing to keep in mind regarding search engine optimization is social media. All it takes is one person to see something they like on the internet (your web site) and share it with another on face book, twi tter, etc. for news of your site to spread like a fire in dry grass. Sounds great right? However, if your site isn’t near the top, or at least on the first page people see when they search for a product or service you may as well be anonymous because very few people ever look beyond that first page. People use to trust a site that ranks well enough to land on the first page, and search engine optimization is what gets you there.

If you’re feeling just a little overwhelmed right about now don’t be discouraged. In short, figure out what keyword best describes your product or service. Weave it into your text as naturally as possible and search engines do the rest. For example, if you have a specific line of fishing boats for sale you wouldn’t want to just use the key words “fishing boats” because then you would just blend in with a crowd of other sites offering the same thing. You have to be specific to stand out from the rest so a better choice would be the brand name of your make or model followed by “fishing boats.”

Here’s Why Links Are So Important For Better Ranking

Links, incoming or inbound links, hypertext, or backlinks are simply different words that describe the same action, linking your site to another. Without linkage you risk stagnation and invisibility both of which will slow and eventually kill your online business efforts. When your site is linked to others search engines are able to find you and bring in those orders you need to thrive. Simply put, the more links you have to other respected, popular sites the better your ranking in a targeted keyword search. Obviously this increases traffic to your site and your ranking climbs a little higher.

Keep relevance in mind when you begin the search for other sites to link with. Linking with a powerful site isn’t enough, and if the content isn’t relevant it’s not going to do your ranking much good. Getting backlinks to your site isn’t as complicated as it sounds, but it does take more effort than creating content, and gaining consumer interest. Once you’ve let others know you’re out there pitch your product or service and then give them a reason to link with your site.

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